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Cold Water Extraction

Unexpected Flood? Expect the Best Flood Damage Services

Floods can put your home under water, and it’s something you cannot control or predict. Sometimes they are caused by seasonal floods and in other cases by an accidental activation of a fire sprinkler. Water disasters are a serious threat to your home and safety. Consider our certified technicians as your best ally for cold water extraction procedures, the cleanup of your spaces and for quick restoration of your building and personal possessions.

Don’t clean it up alone

When facing a flood, the first and most important thing to do is drain all water from the site before conducting any further restorations. Cold water extraction is a job that cannot be done without proper expertise and industrial equipment. Instead of wasting time by trying to accomplish this on your own, let a pro do his job. In addition, be aware that most water damage is reversible within 48 hours from the incident, so an expert might be able to save you home and prevent secondary damage from happening as a result of the flood.

After assessing the extent of the damage and identifying all visibly affected areas, our certified technicians bring in state-of-the-art equipment for an efficient and rapid cold water extraction procedure.

Infra-red cameras detect “hidden” water, beneath the floors or between the walls and under wet drywall. Using submersible pumps water is constantly sucked out at a high-volume. Using different types of special wands water is extracted from the carpets. We guarantee a total and definitive extraction using manual water claws for maximum precision against pads and carpets.

Cold water extraction is the most important step in the entire repair and restoration process. If water is not completely eliminated, mold will form and serious health hazards may arise. Why put your health at risk when you can have an expert handle the problem with just one call? Find us day and night, 24/7 at

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