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Protect Your Commercial Investment. Trust Pasadena Water Damage

Running a business is challenging, and when a water damage disaster hits don’t just add it to the list of things to do. Let our team of certified experts handle the job for you while you focus on keeping things on track. We understand time is money; act fast and call Pasadena Water Damage for complete and reliable restoration services!

Finding your business underwater calls for professional help, but while you wait…
1. Turn off the power: Water conduct electricity and contact with it can be lethal for you and your staff. Our technicians wear special protective equipment such as boots, goggles and gloves which allow them to approach the area in a safe manner.
2. Assess the loss: Because we understand how important it is for your business to get maximum insurance coverage, we pay great attention to the initial damage assessment for insurance claim filling. You will be provided a full report and assistance with all the necessary information for any paperwork that needs to be done. Once we are aware of all the affected areas, we can take quick measurements to reduce the existing damage and minimize permanent damage
3. Do not waste time: The longer you wait, the higher your chances of a permanent damage to your ceilings, floors, drywall and furniture. In addition, surfaces exposed to water for long periods of time are cultivate mold formation which only makes the restoration process harder and more expensive.
4. Claim your insurance: In filing a flood insurance claim, you must know that for your benefit we work with ALL insurance companies. And we will be by your side every step along the way, providing any necessary information and advice you may need. We will talk to your agent directly once we finish the assessment of the loss upon the approximate cost of the repair and restoration work
5. Determine the cause: When floods are not the cause of your water damage our technicians will inform you of the water damage source to prevent it in the future. Leaking pipes are the most common emergency, next to overflowing water heaters and burst sump pumps
6. Act accordingly: Once we begin the restoration and devise plan that best fits the needs of your business, we will let you know what specific actions must be taken. For example, in some cases we have to remove all your carpets to check for mold, repaint all your walls or put new drywall up
7. Leave if needed: We put you and your health first, so in some cases we might ask you to leave the area until it becomes safe to re enter it

You can count on Pasadena Water Damage for the following services:

• Assessment of damage
• Water extraction
• Dehumidification
• Surface drying
• Flood cleanup
• Air cleansing
• Disinfecting

Choose Pasadena Water Damage as your partner in water damage restoration and receive 100% direct insurance billing. There’s no reason why you should wait any longer before giving us a call at (626) 710-4524 and becoming one of our satisfied customers!

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