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Fire Sprinkler Damage

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When accidental fire sprinkler damage occurs it can cause serious water damage to your property and even to your neighbor’s if action is not taken. Water damage can produce a huge mess and ruin rugs, furniture, walls and floors which can become permanent and might rapidly affect other offices or homes, too. In such cases, Pasadena Water Damage has the best certified technicians to call on for professional service and fast restoration. We begin with cold water cleanup and finish with mitigation and drying. We offer complete services and do not leave the site until me make sure your property has gained its initial condition back.

When fire sprinklers burst it is unexpected and usually can’t be stopped without cutting off the main water supply. The consequences might be reduced if you act fast and our team of trained technicians reaches you in time.

With just one call, we take care of your issue, extracting water from your belongings, drying the place out and isolating the damage as much as possible.

We constantly train our specialists and invest in state-of-the-art equipment to help us detect mold and hidden water before it is too late. If mold is left unnoticed it can grow on various surfaces and causes serious health hazards. We are very much aware that removing all standing water it’s just the first step in the process, and, therefore, we pay great attention to the cleaning, drying and restoration steps.

When you property isn’t engulfed in flames accidental activation of fire sprinklers becomes an emergency situation! We will be onsite within 30 minutes and start working on reducing the existing damage and preventing further damage from happening.

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