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Sewer Damage Cleanup

There’s nothing worse than coming home to sewer damage in your home or at work. It affects everyone and if often produces a terrible smell. Fixing the issue fast is the most important thing you can do! When you face sewer damage you need a cleanup crew that’s going to give you the best results possible!

PWD Photo 9Count on Pasadena Water Damage Services when you need a crew on site immediately! Having the fastest arrival time in the area, we will be on the scene within 30 minutes of your call. The worst part about flood damage disasters is waiting on a crew to help resolve the issue. We take care of our customers day and night no matter what! When you have an emergency situation, Pasadena Water Damage will be there in a flash!

We provide a full range of water damage services including sewage damage cleanup. This project is often a lot to take on especially if you’ve experienced a severe sewer overflow there are multiple steps we take to ensure your safety, at a cost effective rate.

Our crews will arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call and perform an estimate of the damage. We locate the source of the problem, assess a timeline and create a custom restoration plan for you and your family or co-workers. Once we’ve officially created a plan for you we are able to better help your property recover.

Beginning with cold water extraction, we install submersible pumps wherever needed, and suck the standing water from those areas. This process is very important, as we have to remove the water before it becomes a serious problem. Leaving sewer water to fester can cause your home or business serious damage and comes with health risks. As “black” water accumulates, mold pathogens then take hold of your property putting you and others health at risk. This is why we always recommend calling a professional company to perform sewage damage cleanup.

Once we’ve removed standing water, we locate hidden water pockets with infrared cameras to remove what we’ve missed. Then, we move onto in place drying using air blowers to circulate the air and dry out those affected areas. We then do a full check again for any water pockets we’ve missed to ensure your home or business is in good condition.

We offer a service unmatched in the industry for three reasons: 

  • Off site storage to keep your belongings safe from further damage during the restoration
  • 100% direct insurance billing keeps you focused on your property, while we deal with your insurance company
  • 24/7 Service 30 Minute On Site Arrival day or night!

Pasadena Water Damage works around the clock to better serve our customers when they need it most. Count on us to arrive in a timely manner, and provide a great service! Contact us when your home or business is in need of sewer damage cleanup services and we’ll be there! Call now 626-710-4468

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